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Friday, May 28, 2010

Beware of Bogus UK Visa and Job Offers

The UK Border Agency has issued a warning to would-be working UK Visa applicants, urging them to be on their guard for scammers offering them jobs that do not exist.

A number of incidents have been reported which involve bogus job offers being made to foreign nationals who want to work in the UK. The scam, which appears to be email based, frequently cites the names and titles of real UK Border Agency officials, presumably to add authenticity to the offers of “work”.

The purpose of the scam has not yet been established, although it is possible the scammers intend to issue fake UK work visas in exchange for payment. 

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Rob Yeldham, director of communications at the UK Border Agency, has issued the following warning to foreign nationals wanting to work in the UK: “My name has been used in several apparent attempts to scam foreign professionals looking for work in the UK. We have referred cases to our security unit, but at this stage it is unclear what the nature of the scam is, or where in the world it is based. The best advice is to be careful of any unsolicited offers.”

Mr. Yeldham confirmed that UK Border Agency staff do not act on behalf of employers, so any job offer that claims to be endorsed by the agency should be treated as suspect. The other warning sign is incorrect UK Border Agency email addresses, such as those ending in .co.uk and .com.

Source: GlobalVisas


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