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Thursday, February 15, 2018

How to Afford a Cruise If You Are on a Low Income

If you make enough money to put away an extra $500 or $600 a month into your savings account, you could be boarding a cruise ship in little more than a few months. Low wage earners on the other hand will need to pinch their pennies in order to afford even a basic weekend getaway. From Disney themed cruises to luxury cruises that take voyages all around the world, there’s a way for travelers to go on a trip no matter what their financial constraints are. Sure, budget savvy vacationers might be more interested in all-inclusive cruises than their more well-to-do peers, but if taking a vacation while out on the water appeals to you, it won’t really matter how you get there. Purchase a cruise travel insurance policy so that you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Next up are a few tips that will get you in the mood to go on a lavish cruise.

Compare Travel Deals
At any given time, there are likely dozens of cruise specials going on that will help you to stay within your budget. Think about saving for a cruise in the same way you go grocery shopping. If you see a brand name product on sale for a price that is 50% off it’s regularly suggested retail price, are you going to get upset? Of course not. In fact, you might stock up on that deal so that you can enjoy the savings even longer. Travel deals on cruises can be found via travel agents, on cruise websites, and even television commercials. You will probably need to act fast, put down a deposit and lock in your travel dates to get the deal so be sure you’re ready to go. 

Get Friends and Family to Chip In
People can crowdfund for their honeymoons, to help pay medical expenses, or help get money to buy a new car. Since donations are completely voluntary, you can create a campaign for any reason and then share the link with your closest family and friends. Consider how much faster you would be able to save up for your vacation cruise if you received a helping hand from your closest companions. 

Choose a Date Far in Advance
People who are on a lower income might take a little longer to save up for a cruise on average, which actually puts them in good position to plan ahead. If you won’t be going on your cruise for at least another year or two, there will be plenty of slots available on a number of cruise ships. Having your cruise booked for a date far in advance will be beneficial in case you need to change your itinerary, such as staying in a different cabin or departing from a different port. 

You aren’t required to max out your credit cards or sell all of your personal belongings to save up to go on a cruise. Just cut out some of the extras that you have been accustomed to, look for deals and plan your cruise a year or so in advance. You’ll get extra savings and get to sail around the world. 


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