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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sarah Palin Takes Aim at Obama, Immigration, and Border Security

Former Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin teamed up with Arizona Govenor Jan Brewer over the weekend in a heated debate over Arizona’s border security and the immigration law requiring all immigrants to present Immigration Consultants and registration documents to police upon request.

Palin and Brewer appeared together in a press conference to promote a website that aims to help educate Americans on the Arizona SB1070.

Immigration Consultants
This state has enacted a law. It mirrors the federal law, which allows police to ask those they otherwise have stopped to provide a driver’s license or other verification of legal presence. I think for most American people, there reaction to this would be, 'Oh, why haven’t the police already been doing that?'"

Palin’s appearance with Gov. Brewer was a move she took straight to the White House and President Obama.

And, while Mexico’s president has begun to crack down on the violent drug cartels and corruption in his own country, it’s time for the United States government to enforce the rule of law as well… In unity we say, 'Mr. President, do your job. Secure our border,'" she added.

President Obama has stood firm in his criticism and condemnation of the law, which only applies to the state of Arizona, saying that it could lead to racial profiling of lawful U.S. citizens.

In late April, Obama said the state law threatens “to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and our communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe.”

The Arizona law has also been denounced by many Americans who are calling for a boycott of Arizona in terms of goods, immigration services, and travel.

Arizona SB1070, which goes into effect on July 29th, requires all immigrants to carry and present alien registration to police. Police can make a request to any individual they see a "reasonable suspicion" of being an illegal immigrant.

While President Obama has spoken regarding federal immigration reform, the lack of support from across the aisle for a bill introduced by the Obama and the Democrats leads to speculation that it will be some time before any reform is put forward and into effect.

The last time a piece of federal immigration reform was introduced was in 2005.

Source: The Epoch Times


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