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Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Temporary UK Visitor Visa Announced

The new UK visa for visitors is aimed at allowing small groups of professionals to visit the UK for a variety of short term purposes. To apply through the new visitor route, applicants need only a formal invitation and proof that the intended visit relates to their field of expertise. Holders of the visitor visa are permitted to stay in the UK for up to one month and undertake paid work for which they have been invited for.
This can include giving a lecture or examination to students, participating in a chair selection panel, providing advocacy or arbitration in a legal dispute or working as a pilot instructor. Applicants can also be professional artists, entertainers or sports professionals invited to the UK to take part in a particular event, exhibition or broadcast which can range from artists exhibiting their own work, attending signings or award ceremonies.

"The Government has introduced quite a bit of new legislation in recent weeks, the majority of it directed towards bringing UK immigration figures down," says Marissa Murdock, Casework Department Manager of the UK Visa Bureau. "However, the new visitor route provides a great opportunity for many needs and circumstances. With so many people having to travel internationally for work, there’s plenty of scope within this new UK visa route for it to become a preferred method of travel for many."

The UK Visa Bureau is an independent immigration consultancy based in London which can help most foreign nationals lodge their UK visa application. This can range from tourist and student visas visiting the UK for short periods of time to permanent settlement in the UK. With qualified and licensed immigration consultants on hand to advise you on every step of the process, the UK Visa Bureau is one of the most experienced consultancies in the UK.


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