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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Immigration Hunts Fake-Passport Holders

The Immigration Office in Batam has increased its efforts to detect illegal migrant workers from Indonesia using fake passports with fake visa stamps.
Last week, immigration officials at Batam Center Port confiscated 40 counterfeit documents from workers. Batam Immigration Office head Yudi Kurniadi said his office had blacklisted and slapped travel bans on 200 illegal migrant workers since June.

“Ahead of Idul Fitri, we usually see a high influx of migrant workers who return home from Malaysia, so our officials have to be more alert,” he told The Jakarta Post.

He said fake visa stamps were generally different in format and color. His office also found fake visas from other Southeast Asian nations.

Yudi said the perpetrators could be prosecuted, but he preferred to give them some leeway by applying travel bans and blacklisting them.


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