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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Be Close to Nature at La Playa Leticia Resort

It's Summer lets forget about serious talks about immigration and travel. Let's talk how will you spend your days this Summer. Would you go hiking, trekking, swimming, riding on a boat , even a joy ride with friends or would you prefer to stay in a house.

For me I would prefer them all, because Last weekend I experienced all of it as I visit La Playa Leticia Resort at Alitagtag, Batangas, Philippines. From joy ride, and a long walk like trekking. And after that a boat ride is needed to reach the place. 

So you are asking where do I stay? Let me tell you first something about La Playa Leticia Resort. It is the lone and private resort located at the foothill of a Mountain and shores of Taal Lake. To go to the resort, you either trek from Barangay Alitagtag or a boat ride from Barangay Saimsim. Either way you will definitely enjoy the peaceful and safe mountain trek or the calm water boat ride to the resort. Once you arrive at the resort, you will immediately feel close with nature, filled with its lush vegetation and majestic view of taal lake and sloping mountains. The place is a perfect hideaway from the hustle of city life. During the day, there is plenty of recreation such as videoke, billiard, pool with slides and lake swim. At night, you can put a tent in its shore or lit a bonfire and build a sand castle. Or simply relax with the open skies, mountain and lake breeze and soothing sound of waves.

See some of my taken picture of La Playa Leticia Resort or if you wanted detailed Information you can visit their page at http://www.laplaya.leticia.batangas.resort.wowph.com/


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