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Friday, April 22, 2011

Top Ten UK Immigration Tips for a Higher Chance of Approval

Many of us considered settling in United Kingdom but don’t have enough knowledge about UK Immigration. I have discussed on my earlier post the tips for a successful US Immigration application. Now I’m discussing some tips for a successful UK Immigration and UK visa interview. Read the following tips so your application has a higher chance of approval.
There are certain visa interview tips which should be helpful to the UK Visa applicant:
  • The applicant needs to approach the visa consulate officer with confidence and positivity. If you are leaving a current job, mention the reason of leaving with positive intention and the opportunity that can enhance your career prospects.
  • Outline the valid reason for leaving the native country and your usefulness in UK. If you are from a technical background do mention that you would add tremendous value to the UK economy.
  • Give at least two references working presently in your organization. Give all the answers in a proper manner and to the point. Do not forget to describe the work profile in the companies with whom you have worked.
  • Try to answer all his questions without hesitation in the first attempt, which creates a positive impact in the mind of visa consulate officer. Try to reach before the scheduled time of interview and review all the answers for possible questions which will be asked by interviewer.
  • Approach the Visa consulate officer with a confident smile. Opt to wear formal dress at the time of interview which often impresses the interviewer, as he or she belongs to United Kingdom where formals are more appreciated in official meetings or interviews.
  • The most important attribute would be honesty in answering. If you try to deceive the officer you are more likely to get caught and that may end all your prospects of the UK Visa.
  • Try to show a strong financial capability. But do remember it needs to be truth and not fabricated.


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