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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Spanish Law Offers Citizenship For Those With These Last Names

There's lately been palpable excitement on Latin American social media, and maybe even among latinos in the U.S., about some new "Spanish law" (as in, a law from Spain) that supposedly would grant citizenship to people with certain surnames, from Sanchez to Rosales, and Beltran, Morales, Fuentes, Jimenez, Rubio, Nathan, and almost 5,200 other Sephardic names.
But this doesn't mean that you could just stroll into the Spanish Embassy and ask for your Spanish citizenship. But you can, unless you can prove that I'm you are a Sephardic Jew or descendant from those who were banished from Spain by the Catholic rulers of the 15th and 16th centuries after the last of the Moors were expelled from Europe.

The Moors, or Muslim rulers of southern Spain during much of the Middle-Ages, didn't really bother with converting or oppressing much of the Iberian Peninsula's diverse followers of other religions. Christians, Jews and Muslims are generally regarded to have lived peacefully under Moorish rule for centuries. But after Fernando II and Isabela I, the Catholic monarchs of the united crowns of Aragon and Castile, began to retake much of Spain, they quickly forced Jews to either convert to Catholicism or flee the country.
This is were the new law comes in. After more than 500 years, Spain has decide to welcome back descendants and those Jews, now called Sephardi (from the Hebrew word for "Spain"), as redemption for what Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, the Spanish justice minister and who drafted the new law, called "a historical error."

Ruiz-Gallardón added that " [we] have an opportunity to repair it, so I am sure that law will pass with an immense majority in parliament...[and when it does] citizenship will not be a discretional matter, it will not be subject to the good will of the government, because it is a right that anyone who meets the criteria is entitled to."

"Spain wants to offer an authentic historical reparation after five hundred years", assured Ruiz-Gallardón to the American Jewish Organization in February.

It won't be THAT easy though, despite what the justice minister has said. The Federación de Comunidades Judías de España, the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, will determine who qualifies as an actual Sephardic descendent, or "worthy" of the citizenship offer. Anyone granted the offer will be allowed to keep his original citizenship.

Backers of the bill in government, have said that even non Jews can apply, but none the less must have Sephardic ancestry or are part of the wider "ladino" community. Ladino is the language still used by the exiled Jews and is almost an exact preservation of Spanish in its Medieval form. Having one or two of this 5,200 listed last names can help, but all those who apply will have to try a harder than that, especially if they aren't practicing Jews.

Josh Nathan-Kazis is an American with almost ten generations of family in the New World, and who still looks like a Spaniard with Jewish ancestry, has the last names, and even an pages and pages from a genealogy book about his family, dating all the way back to 1660 with a man name Luis Gómez from Madrid. He began a quest to see if the Spanish Jewish Federation would recognized his right to Spanish citizenship or recognition, and yet was told that it wasn't enough. So, it isn't that easy.

And, as he points out, the current severe economic crisis in Spain would probably deter many from applying for citizenship in Spain, and suspects most who seek out the application would do so just to be able to enter the European Union, not so much stay in Iberia.

Sephardic Jews have two years to apply for citizenship after the bill becomes law (it still has to be approved by parliament).

What are some of the prerequisites when applying for a Spanish citizenship under the future law?

  • A certificate from a rabbinical and official authority, legally recognized in their country of residence. This might be difficult for U.S. Sephardic Jews, since the government doesn't get involved in directly determining which religions are valid or not.
  • The surnames from those interested in applying, or if if they speak "ladino", proficiency in it.
  • A certificate from the Federación de Comunidades Judías de España, certifying that applicants are Sephardi.
  • Proof of an applicant's direct descent from Sephardic families from Spain.
  • Applicants will have two years after the law is passed (it hasn't yet) to present documentation proving their heritage.
List of the surnames approved for Spanish citizenship;

Abad, Abadía, Abarca, Abastos, Abaunza,
Abbot, Abdallá, Abdalah, Abdallah, Abdelnour,
Abdo, Abea, Abel, Abela, Abelado, Abella,
Abellán, Abendaño, Abou, Abraham, Abrahams,
Abrahán, Abrego, Abreu, Abrigo, Abril, Abufelo,
Abugadba, Aburto, Acabal, Acebal, Acedo,
Acevedo, Acosta, Acuña, Adames, Adamis, Adanaque, Adanis, Adis, Aedo,
Agababa, Agámez, Agayón, Agrazal, Agreda, Aguayo, Agudelo, Agüero,
Aguiar, Aguilar, Aguilera, Aguiluz, Aguilve, Aguinaga, Aguirre, Agurto,
Agustín, Ahuja, Ahumada, Aiello, Aiza, Aizprúa, Aizpurúa, Alache, Alama,
Alan, Alani, Alanis, Alanís, Alaniz, Alarcón, Alas, Alavez, Alayón, Alba,
Albarello, Albarracín, Albelo, Albenda, Alburola, Alcaíno, Alcanzar, Alcázar,
Alcazar, Alcibar, Alcócer, Alcóser, Alcóver, Alcózer, Aldana, Aldaña, Aldapa,
Aldecoba, Alderrama, Alegría, Alejos, Alemán, Alexander, Alexandre, Alfaro,
Alfonso, Algaba, Alguera, Aliaga, Alicama, Alier, Alizaga, Allan, Allon,
Alluín, Almanza, Almanzar, Almanzo, Almaraz, Almazan, Almeida,
Almendares, Almendárez, Almendáriz, Almengor, Almonte, Aloisio, Aloma,
Alomar, Alonso, Alonzo, Alpírez, Alpízar, Altamirano, Altenor, Alterno,
Altino, Altonor, Alva, Alvarado, Alvarenga, Alvares, Álvarez, Alvaro, Alvear,
Alverde, Alvergue, Alvir, Alzate, Amado, Amador, Amalla, Amaris, Amaya,
Amor, Amora, Amores, Amoros, Ampie, Ampié, Ampiée, Ampiee, Anaya,
Anchetta, Anchez, Anchía, Anchieta, Andia, Andino, Andrade, André, Andrés,
Andujar, Andújar, Andujo, Angele, Angelini, Anglada, Angulo, Anice, Anjos,
52 Umaña Rojas, Conrado R., Dr. Heredia, Costa Rica.
Ansorena, Antelo, Antero, Antezana, Antich, Antillón, Antón, Antúnez,
Anzora, Aparicio, Apolinar, Apollonio, Aponte, Aquiles, Aquino, Aragón,
Aragones, Aragonés, Araica, Arana, Arancibia, Aranda, Arando, Arango,
Aranjo, Araque, Arata, Araujo, Araus, Arauz, Araya, Arbaiza, Arballo, Arbelo,
Arbizu, Arbizú, Arboleda, Arburola, Arca, Arcarate, Arce, Arceyudh, Arceyut,
Arceyuth, Arcia, Arcía, Arciniegas, Ardila, Ardín, Ardón, Ardonnix, Areas,
Arellano, Arena, Arenas, Arévalo, Argudo, Arguedas, Argüelles, Argüello,
Argueta, Arguijo, Arias, Ariasdes, Arica, Arie, Ariño, Arispe, Arista, Ariza,
Arjona, Armada, Armas, Armenta, Armento, Armeras, Armesto, Armijo,
Arnáez, Arnau, Arnesto, Anuelo, Arnuero, Arone, Arosemena, Arquín,
Arrazola, Arrea, Arredondo, Arreola, Arriaga, Arriagada, Arrieta, Arriola,
Arrocha, Arroliga, Arrollo, Arrone, Arrones, Arronés, Arronez, Arronis,
Arroniz, Arroyave, Arroyo, Arrubla, Artavia, Arteaga, Artecona, Artiaga,
Artiga, Artiles, Artiñano, Artola, Artolozaga, Aruj, Aruizu, Arze, Arzola,
Ascante, Ascencio, Asch, Asencio, Asero, Así, Asís, Aspirita, Astacio, Astete,
Astorga, Astorquiza, Astúa, Asturias, Asunción, Asusema, Atehortúa, Atein,
Atencio, Atensio, Atiensa, Atienza, Augusto, Ávalos, Avelar, Avellán,
Avendaño, Ávila, Avilés, Avilez, Ayala, Ayales, Ayara, Ayarza, Aybar,
Aycinena, Ayerdis, Aymerich, Azar, Azaria, Asofeifa, Azqueta, Azua, Azúa,
Azuar, Azucena, Azul, Azuola, Azurdia.
Babb, Babar, Baca, Bacca, Bacigalupo,
Badilla, Bado, Báez, Baeza, Baidal, Bairnales,
Baizan, Bajarano, Balarezo, Baldares, Balday,
Baldelomar, Balderas, Balderrama, Balderramos,
Baldí, Baldi, Baldioceda, Baldivia, Baldizón,
Balladares, Ballar, Ballard, Ballester, Ballestero,
Ballesteros, Ballón, Balma, Balmaceda, Balmacera,
Balon, Balser, Baltodano, Banegas, Banet, Banilla, Baños, Bañuelos,
Baquedano, Baquero, Baradín, Baraen, Barahoma, Barahona, Barajas,
Baraquiso, Barat, Barba, Barbagallo, Barbagebra, Bárbara, Barbena, Barben,
Barberena, Barbosa, Barboza, Barcelas, Barcelata, Barcenas, Barcia, Bardayan,
Barguil, Barillas, Barletta, Baro, Barón, Barquedano, Barquero, Barquette,
Barra, Barracosa, Barrante, Barrantes, Barraza, Barreda, Barrenechea, Barrera,
Barrero, Barreto, Barrias, Barrientos, Barriga, Barrio, Barrionuevo, Barrios,
Barroso, Barrot, Barrott, Barrundia, Barsallo, Bart, Bartal, Barteles, Bartels,
Barth, Barvas, Baruch, Basadre, Basán, Basilio, Basti, Bastida, Bastos, Bastti,
Batalla, Batán, Batista, Batres, Bautista, Bauzid, Baviera, Bayo, Bazán, Bazo,
Beatriz, Becancur, Becerra, Becerril, Bedolla, Bedoya, Beeche, Beeché,
Beingolea, Beita, Bejarano, Bejos, Bel, Belette, Belgrave, Bellanero, Bellido,
Bello, Belloso, Belmonte, Beltrán, Beltre, Benach, Benambourg, Benambugr,
Benambur, Benavente, Benavides, Benavídez, Benda, Bendaña, Bendig,
Bendij, Benedictis, Beneditt, Benevides, Bengoechea, Benites, Benítez, Benito,
Benzón, Berasaluce, Berciano, Berdasco, Berdugo, Berenzón, Bermejo,
Bermeo, Bermudes, Bermúdez, Bernadas, Bernal, Bernardo, Bernat, Berrios,
Berríos, Berrocal, Berrón, Bertel, Bertrán, Betancort, Bentancourt,
Betancourth, Betancur, Betancurt, Beter, Beteta, Bethancourt, Betrano, Better,
Biamonte, Binda, Blanco, Blandino, Blando, Blandón, Blau, Blum, Bobadilla,
Bodán, Bogán, Bogantes, Bogarín, Bohorguez, Bohorquez, Bojorge, Bolaños,
Bolívar, Bonice, Boniche, Bonichi, Bonilla, Borbas, Borbón, Borda, Bordallo,
Borge, Borges, Borja, Borjas, Borjes, Borloz, Borras, Borrasé, Borredo,
Borrero, Bosque, Botero, Boza, Bran, Bravia, Bravo, Brenes, Breve, Briceño,
Brilla, Briones, Brito, Brizeño, Brizuela, Buencamino, Buendía, Bueno, Bueso,
Buezo, Buga, Bugarín, Bugat, Bugria, Burgos, Burguera, Burgues, Burillo,
Busano, Bustamante, Bustillo, Bustillos, Busto, Bustos, Buzano, Buzeta, Buzo.
Caamano, Caamaño, Cabada, Cabadianes,
Cabal, Cabalceta, Caballero, Cabana, Cabaña,
Cabeza, Cabezas, Cabistán, Cabral, Cabrera,
Cabrerizo, Cáceres, Cadenas, Cadet, Cageao,
Caicedo, Cairol, Cajas, Cajiao, Cajina, Cala,
Calatayud, Calazán, Calcáneo, Caldas, Caldera,
Calderón, Calero, Caliva, Calix, Calle, Calleja, Callejas, Callejo, Calles, Calvo,
Calzada, Camacho, Camaño, Camarena, Camareno, Camarillo, Cambronero,
Camona, Campabadal, Campabadall, Campodónico, Campos, Canales,
Canalias, Canas, Candamo, Candelaria, Candelario, Canejo, Canessa, Canet,
Canetta, Canizales, Canizález, Canizares, Canno, Cano, Canossa, Cantarero,
Cantero, Cantillano, Canto, Cantón, Cañas, Cañizales, Cañizález, Capón,
Carabaguias, Carabaguiaz, Caranza, Caravaca, Carazo, Carbalda, Carballo,
Carbonell, Carbonero, Carcache, Carcachi, Cárcamo, Carcedo, Carcía,
Cárdenas, Cárdenes, Cardona, Cardos, Cardoso, Cardoza, Cardoze, Cares,
Carias, Caridad, Carit, Carlos, Carmiol, Carmona, Carnero, Caro, Carpio,
Carranza, Carrasco, Carrasquilla, Carreño, Carrera, Carreras, Carrillo, Carrión,
Carrizo, Carro, Cartagena, Cartago, Cartín, Carvajal, Carvalho, Carvallo, Casa,
Casaca, Casafont, Casal, Casanova, Casañas, Cásares, Casas, Casasnovas,
Casasola, Cascante, Casco, Casorla, Cassasola, Cásseres, Castaneda,
Castañeda, Castañedas, Castaño, Castañón, Castaños, Castelán, Castellano,
Castellanos, Castellón, Casteñeda, Castiblanco, Castilla, Castillo, Castro,
Catania, Cateres, Catón, Cavalceta, Cavaller, Cavallo, Cavanillas, Cavazos,
Cavero, Cazanga, Ceba, Ceballos, Ceciliano, Cedeño, Cejudo, Celada,
Celedón, Celís, Centella, Centeno, Cepeda, Cerceño, Cerda, Cerdas, Cerna,
Cernas, Cerón, Cerpas, Cerros, Cervantes, Cervilla, Céspedes, Cevallos,
Cevedo, Cevilla, Chabrol, Chacón, Chamarro, Chamorro, Chanquín, Chanta,
Chanto, Chavarría, Chavera, Chaverri, Chaves, Chávez, Chavira, Cheves,
Chévez, Chica, Chicaiza, Chicas, Chilquillo, Chinchilla, Chinchillo, Chirino,
Chirinos, Chocano, Choza, Cid, Cifuentes, Cintrón, Cisar, Cisne, Cisnero,
Cisneros, Cisternas, Claro, Cleves, Cobaleda, Coe, Coello, Coen, Cohen,
Coles, Colina, Colindres, Collado, Collina, Colom, Coloma, Colombo,
Colomer, Concepción, Concha, Conde, Condega, Condes, Conedo, Conejo,
Congosto, Conte, Contreras, Corales, Corao, Cordeiro, Cordero, Cordido,
Córdoba, Cordón, Cordonero, Córdova, Cordoze, Corea, Corella, Cornavaca,
Cornejo, Corona, Coronado, Coronas, Coronel, Corrales, Correa, Corredera,
Corro, Corta, Cortaberría, Cortés, Cortez, Cortinez, Cortissoz, Corvera, Cosio,
Cosiol, Cosme, Cossio, Costa, Cotera, Coto, Crespo, Crispín, Crispino, Cruces,
Cruz, Cuadra, Cuadrado, Cuan, Cuaresma, Cuarezma, Cuarta, Cubas, Cubenas,
Cubero, Cubías, Cubias, Cubilla, Cubillo, Cubillos, Cubria, Cuebas, Cuellar,
Cuéllar, Cuello, Cuenca, Cuendis, Cuernavaca, Cuervo, Cuesta, Cueva,
Cuevas, Cuevillas, Cunill, Cunillera, Curbelo, Curco, Curdelo.
Da Costa, Da Silva, Dacosta, D’Acosta,
Dalorso, Dalorzo, Dalsaso, Damaceno, Damito,
Daniel, Daniels, Dapuerto, Dapueto, Darce, Darche,
Darcia, Darío, Dasadre, Dasilva, Dávalos, David,
Dávila, Davis, D’Avola, De Abate, De Aguilar, De
Alba, De Alvarado, De Benedictis, De Briones, De
Camino, De Castro, De Céspedes, De Espeleta, De Ezpeleta, De Falco, De
Faria, De Franco, De Jesús, De Jorge, De Juana, De La Cruz, De La Cuesta,
De La Espriella, De La Fuente, De La Garza, De La Guardia, De La Herran,
De La Hormaza, De La Jara, De La Mata, De La Nuez, De La O, De La Osa,
De La Ossa, De La Paz, De La Peña, De La Rocha, De La Rosa, De La Selva,
De La Teja, De La Torre, De La Trava, De La Vega, De Largaespada, De Las
Casas, De Las Cuevas, De Las Heras, De Lemos, De León, De Lev, De Lima,
De López, De Luz, De Miguel, De Miranda, De Moya, De Odio, De Óleo, De
Ona, De Oña, De Paco, De Paredes, De Pass, De Paz, De Pazos, De Pedro, De
Pinedo, De Prado, De Rayo, De Sárraga, De Sá, De Trinidad, De Ureña, De
Vega, De Yglesias, Del Barco, Del Barrio, Del Bello, Del Busto, Del Carmen,
Del Castillo, Del Cid, Del Pilar, Del Pimo, Del Río, Del Risco, Del Socorro,
Del Solar, Del Valle, Delatolla, Delgadillo, Delgado, Deliyore, Dellale,
Dellanoce, Delso, Delvo, Dengo, Denis, Dennis, Detrinidad, Devanda,
Devandas, Devoto, Dias, Díaz, Díez, Díjeres, Díjerez, Dimas, Dinares, Dinarte,
Discua, Doblado, Dobles, Dodero, Dalmus, Dalmuz, Domingo, Domínguez,
Donado, Donaire, Donato, Doña, Doñas, Donzón, Dorado, Dormos, Dormuz,
Doryan, Duar, Duares, Duarte, Duartes, Duenas, Dueñas, Duque, Duque
Estrada, Durall, Durán, Durante, Duval, Duvall, Duverrán.
Echandi, Echavarría, Echeverri, Echeverría,
Eduarte, Egea, Elías, Eligia, Elizalde, Elizonda,
Elizondo, Elmaleh, Emanuel, Enrique, Enriques,
Enríquez, Eras, Erazo, Escabar, Escalante,
Escamilla, Escarré, Escobar, Escobedo, Escocia,
Escorriola, Escosia, Escoto, Escovar, Escribano,
Escude, Escudero, España, Esparragó, Espelerta, Espeleta, Espinach, Espinal,
Espinales, Espinar, Espino, Espinosa, Espinoza, Espitia, Esquivel, Esteban,
Esteves, Estévez, Estrada, Estrella.
Faba, Fabara, Fabián, Fábrega, Fabregat,
Fabres, Facio, Faerrón, Faeth, Faiges, Fait, Faith,
Fajardo, Falco, Falcón, Falla, Fallas, Farach, Farah,
Fargas, Farias, Farías, Faries, Fariña, Fariñas,
Farrach, Farrer, Farrera, Farrier, Fatjo, Fatjó,
Faundez, Faune, Fava, Fazio, Fermández, Fermán,
Fernandes, Fernández, Fernando, Ferrada, Ferrán, Ferrando, Ferraro, Ferreira,
Ferreiro, Ferrer, Ferrero, Ferris, Ferro, Ferros, Fiallos, Fictoria, Fidalgo,
Fierro, Figueiredo, Figuer, Figueras, Figueres, Figueroa, Filomena, Fletes,
Fletis, Flores, Fonseca, Font, Forero, Formoso, Fornaguera, Fraga, Fraguela,
Francés, Frances, Francesa, Francia, Francis, Franco, Fray, Frayle, Freer,
Freira, Fresno, Freyre, Frías, Frutos, Fuentes, Fumero, Funes, Funez, Fúnez,
Fuscaldo, Fusco.
Gabriel, Gadea, Gaete, Gago, Gainza, Gaitán,
Galacia, Galagarza, Galán, Galarza, Galaviz, Galba,
Galcerán, Galeano, Galeas, Galeno, Galera,
Galiana, Galiano, Galindo, Galino, Galiñanes,
Gallardo, Gallegas, Gallegos, Gallo, Galo, Galtés,
Galván, Gálvez, Galvis, Gamarra, Gamazo, Gambo,
Gamboa, Gámez, Garay, Garayar, Garbanzo, Garcés, García, Gardela,
Gargollo, Garino, Garita, Garmendia, Garner, Garnier, Garreta, Garrido, Garro,
Garrón, Garza, Garzel, Garzón, Garzona, Gaspar, Gateno, Gateño, Gavarrete,
Gavilán, Gaviria, Gavosto, Gayoso, Gaytán, Gazel, Gazo, Geoyenaga, Gil,
Gillén, Gilles, Giral, Giraldo, Giraldt, Giralt, Giro, Girón, Gladis, Goches,
Góchez, Godines, Godínez, Godoy, Goic, Goicoechea, Goicuria, Goldenberg,
Golfín, Gomar, Gómez, Gomis, Gondres, Góndrez, Góngora, Gonzaga,
Gonzales, González, Gonzalo, Goñi, Gordon, Górgona, Goyenaga, Gracía,
Gracias, Gradis, Grajal, Grajales, Grajeda, Grana, Granada, Granados, Granda,
Grandoso, Granera, Granizo, Granja, Graña, Gras, Grau, Greco, Greñas,
Gridalva, Grigoyen, Grijalba, Grijalda, Grijalva, Grillo, Guadamuz, Guadrón,
Guajardo, Guardado, Guardano, Guardia, Guardián, Guardiola, Guarín,
Guasch, Gudino, Gudiño, Güel, Güell, Güendel, Güendell, Guerra, Guerrero,
Guevara, Guido, Guie, Guier, Guifarro, Guilá, Guillarte, Guillén, Guillermet,
Guillermo, Guilles, Güillies, Guillies, Guillis, Guilloch, Guiménez, Guindos,
Guitiérrez, Guitta, Guix, Gulubay, Gunera, Guntanis, Gurdián, Gurrero,
Gurrola, Gustavino, Gutiérrez, Guzmán.
Haba, Habibe, Haenz, Harrah, Hénchoz,
Henríquez, Henrriquez, Herdocia, Heredia,
Herencia, Heríquez, Hermann, Hermosilla,
Hernández, Hernando, Hernánez, Herra, Herradora,
Herrán, Herrera, Herrero, Hevia, Hidalgo, Hierro,
Hincapié, Hinostroza, Horna, Hornedo, Huerta,
Huertas, Huete, Huezo, Hurtado, Hurtecho.
Ibáñez, Ibarra, Ibarras, Icaza, Iglesias, Ilama,
Incapié, Incer, Incera, Inceras, Inces, Infante,
Iracheta, Iraheta, Irastorza, Irias, Iribar, Irigaray,
Irola, Isaac, Isaacs, Israel, Ivañez, Izaba, Izaguirre,
Izandra, Iznardo, Izquierdo, Izrael, Izurieta.
Jácamo, Jacobo, Jácome, Jácomo, Jaen,
Jáenz, Jara, Jaramillo, Jarquín, Jarrín, Jerano, Jerez,
Jiménez, Jimera, Jinesta, Jirón, Joseph, Jovel,
Juárez, Junco, Juncos, Jurado.
Kaminsky, Klein, Kuadra.
La Barca, Labra, Lacarez, Lacayo, Lafuente,
Lago, Lagos, Laguardia, Laguna, Lain, Laine,
Lainez, Laitano, Lamas, Lamela, Lamicq,
Lamugue, Lamuza, Lancho, Lanco, Landazuri,
Lández, Lanuza, Lanza, Lanzas, Lapeira, Laporte,
Laprade, Lara, Lares, Largaespada, Largo, Larios,
Larrabure, Larrad, Larragan, Larragán, Larraguivel, Lasa, Lasantas, Láscares,
Láscarez, Láscaris, Lasso, Lastra, Lastreto, Latiff, Latino, Latorraca, Laurito,
Laverde, Lázaro, Lázarus, Lázcares, Lazo, Lazzo, L’Calleja, Leal, Leandra,
Leandro, Ledezma, Ledo, Leitón, Leiva, Lejarza, Lemmes, Lemos, Lemus,
Lemuz, Leñero, León, Lépiz, Levi, Leytón, Leyva, Lezama, Lezana, Lezcano,
Lhamas, Lieberman, Lima, Linares, Linarte, Lindo, Lines, Líos, Lira, Lizama,
Lizana, Lizano, Lizarme, Llabona, Llach, Llado, Llamazares, Llamosas, Llano,
Lanos, Llanten, Llaurado, Llerena, Llibre, Llinas, Llobet, Llobeth, Llorca,
Llorella, Llorens, Llorente, Llosent, Lloser, Llovera, Llubere, Loáciga,
Loáiciga, Loáisiga, Loaissa, Loaiza, Lobo, Loeb, Loew, Loinaz, Lombardo,
Londoño, Lope,Lopes, Lopera, López, Lopezlage, Loprete, Lora, Loredo, Lorente,
Lorenz, Lorenzana, Lorenzen, Lorenzo, Loría, Lorío, Lorio, Lorz, Losada,
Losilla, Louk, Louzao, Loynaz, Loza, Lozano, Luarca, Lucas, Lucena, Lucero,
Lucke, Lugo, Luis, Luján, Luna, Lunaza, Luque, Luquez.
Macaya, Macedo, Maceo, Machado, Machín,
Machuca, Macia, Macias, Macías, Macís, Macre,
Macrea, Madariaga, Maderos, Madinagoitia,
Madrano, Madrid, Madriga, Madrigal, Madril,
Madriz, Maduro, Magalhaes, Magallón, Magaña,
Magdalena, Maguiña, Mahomar, Maikut, Maingot,
Mairena, Maisonave, Maita, Majano, Majarres, Malaga, Maldonado, Malé,
Malespín, Malestín, Maltés, Maltez, Malvarez, Manavella, Mancheno, Mancia,
Mancía, Mandas, Mangaña, Mangas, Mangel, Manjarres, Mans, Mansalvo,
Mansilla, Manso, Mantanero, Mantica, Mantilla, Manuel, Manzanal,
Manzanares, Manzano, Manzur, Marabiaga, Maradiaga, Marbes, Marbis,
Marcenaro, March, Marchena, Marcia, Marcías, Marcillo, Marcos, Mardones,
Marenco, Margules, María, Marichal, Marín, Marinero, Marino, Mariñas,
Mariño, Marot, Maroto, Marqués, Marquez, Marreco, Marrero, Marroquín,
Marsell, Marte, Martell, Martén, Martens, Martí, Martin, Martínez, Martins,
Marvez, Mas, Masía, Masís, Maso, Mason, Massuh, Mastache, Mata,
Matamoros, Matarrita, Mate, Mateo, Matera, Mateus, Matías, Matos, Mattus,
Mattuz, Matul, Matus, Matute, Maurel, Maurer, Mauricio, Mauro, Maynard,
Maynaro, Maynart, Mayo, Mayor, Mayorga, Mayorquín, Mayre, Mayrena,
Maza, Mazariegos, Mazas, Mazín, Mazón, Mazuque, Mazure, Medal,
Mederano, Mederas, Medeiros, Medina, Medinilla, Medoza, Medrano, Meira,
Mejía, Mejías, Melara, Meléndez, Melgar, Melgarrejo, Mellado, Melo,
Membreño, Mena, Menayo, Menchaca, Mendea, Méndez, Mendiantuba,
Mendieta, Mendiola, Mendives, Mendivil, Mendoza, Mendreño, Menéndez,
Meneses, Menjibar, Menjivar, Menocal, Meono, Meoño, Merayo, Meraz,
Merazo, Merazzo, Mercado, Mercelina, Mercer, Mergarejo, Mérida, Merino,
Merizalde, Merlo, Mesa, Mesales, Mesalles, Meseguer, Mesén, Messeguer,
Mestayer, Meszaros, Meza, Michelena, Michelino, Micillo, Miguez, Mijangos,
Mijares, Milanés, Milano, Millet, Mina, Minas, Minero,Miño, Miqueo,
Miraba, Miralles, Mirambell, Miramontes, Miranda, Miro, Mirquez, Mitja,
Mitjavila, Mizrachi, Mojarro, Mojica, Molestina, Molian, Molín, Molina,
Molinero, Molleda, Mollinedo, Mollo, Moncada, Mondol, Mondragón,
Moneda, Moneiro, Monestel, Monga, Mongalo, Móngalo, Monge, Mongillo,
Monguillo, Monjarres, Monjarrez, Monjica, Monserrat, Montagné, Montalbán,
Montalbert, Montalto, Montalván, Montalvo, Montana, Montanaro,
Montandón, Montano, Montealegre, Montealto, Montecino, Montecinos,
Monteil, Montejo, Montenaro, Montenegro, Montero, Monterosa, Monteroza,
Monterrey, Monterrosa, Monterroso, Montes, Monterinos, Monteverde,
Montiel, Montier, Montoya, Monturiol, Mora, Moraes, Moraga, Morales,
Morán, Morazán, Moreira, Morejón, Morena, Moreno, Morera, Moriano,
Morice, Morillo, Morín, Moris, Morise, Moro, Morote, Moroto, Morraz,
Morúa, Morún, Morux, Morvillo, Moscarella, Moscoa, Moscoso, Mosquera,
Motta, Moxi, Moya, Mozquera, Mugica, Muiña, Muir, Mulato, Munera,
Mungía, Munguía, Munive, Munizaga, Muñante, Muñiz, Muñoz, Murcia,
Murgado, Murgas, Murias, Murillo, Murilo, Muro, Mussap, Mussapp, Mussio,
Mustelier, Muxo.
Naim, Naira, Nájar,Nájares, Najarro, Nájera,
Nájeres, Naranjo, Narvaes, Narváez, Nasralah,
Nasso, Navaro, Navarrete, Navarrette, Navarro,
Navas, Nayap, Nazario, Nema, Nemar, Neyra,
Nieto, Nino, Niño, Noble, Noboa, Noel, Nogebro,
Noguera, Nomberto, Nora, Noriega, Norza, Nova,
Novales, Novo, Novoa, Nuevo, Nuez, Nunga, Núñez.
Obaldía, Obanbo, Obando, Obares, Obellón,
Obon, Obrego, Obregón, Ocampo, Ocampos,
Ocaña, Ocaño, Ocario, Ochoa, Ocón, Oconitrillo,
Ode, Odio, Odir, Odóñez, Odor, Oduber, Oguilve,
Ojeda, Okarlo, Okendo, Olarte, Olaso, Olaverri,
Olazaba, Olguín, Oliva, Olivar, Olivares, Olivárez,
Olivas, Oliver, Olivera, Oliverio, Olivier, Oliviera, Olivo, Oller, Olmeda,
Olmedo, Olmo, Olmos, Omacell, Omodeo, Ondoy, Onetto, Oñate, Oñoro,
Oporta, Oporto, Oquendo, Ora, Orama, Oramas, Orantes, Ordeñana, Ordoñes,
Ordóñez, Orduz, Oreamuno, Oreas, Oreiro, Orella, Orellana, Orfila, Orias,
Orios, Orjas, Orjuela, Orlich, Ormasis, Ormeño, Orna, Ornes, Orochena,
Orocu, Orosco, Orozco, Ortega, Ortegón, Ortiz, Ortuño, Orve, Osante, Oseda,
Osegueda, Osejo, Osequeda, Oses, Osorio, Osorno, Ospina, Ospino, Ossa,
Otalvaro, Otárola, Otero, Oto, Otoya, Ovares, Ovarez, Oviedo, Ozerio, Ozores,
Pabón, Pacheco, Paco, Padilla, Páez,
Paguaga, País, Países, Paiz, Pajuelo, Palacino,
Palacio, Palacios, Palaco, Paladino, Palazuelos,
Palencia, Palma, Palomar, Palomino, Palomo,
Pamares, Pampillo, Pana, Pandolfo, Paniagua,
Pantigoso, Pantoja, Paña, Papez, Parada, Parado,
Parajeles, Parajón, Páramo, Pardo, Paredes, Pareja, Pares, París, Parra,
Parrales, Parreaguirre, Parriles, Parrilla, Pasamontes, Pasapera, Pasos,
Passapera, Pastor, Pastora, Pastrán, Pastrana, Pastrano, Patiño, Patricio, Paut,
Pauth, Pavez, Pavón, Paz, Pazmiño, Pazos, Pedraza, Pedreira, Pedreiro,
Pedroza, Peinador, Peinano, Peláez, Pellas, Pellecer, Pena, Penabad, Penado,
Pendones, Penón, Penso, Peña, Peñaloza, Peñaranda, Peñas, Peñate, Penzo,
Peñón, Peraldo, Perales, Peralta, Peraza, Perdomo, Perea, Perearnau, Pereira,
Pereiras, Perera, Pereyra, Pérez, Perezache, Pergo, Pericón, Perla, Perlaza,
Pessoa, Peynado, Peytrequín, Pezo, Picado, Picasso, Picavea, Pichardo, Pico,
Picón, Piedra, Piedrafita, Pila, Pilarte, Pimente, Pina, Pinada, Pinagel, Pinagen,
Pinar, Pincai, Pincay, Pinchinat, Pineda, Pinel, Pinell, Piney, Pinillos, Pinkay,
Pino, Pintado, Pinto, Pinzas, Piña, Piñar, Piñate, Piñeiro, Piñeres, Pinzón, Pío,
Pion, Piovano, Piovet, Pitalva, Piza, Pizarro, Pla, Plá, Placeres, Pláceres,
Plácido, Placidón, Plaja, Platero, Poblador, Poblete, Pocasangre, Pochet,
Podoy, Pokoy, Pol, Polamo, Polo, Polonio, Poma, Pomar, Pomareda, Pomares,
Ponares, Ponce, Pontigo, Pool, Porat, Porquet, Porras, Porta, Portela,
Porter,Portero, Portilla, Portillo, Portobanco, Portocarrera, Portugués,
Portuguez, Posada, Posla, Poveda, Povedano, Pozo, Pozos, Pozuelo, Prada,
Pradella, Pradilla, Prado, Prat, Pratt, Pravia, Prendas, Prendis, Pretiz, Prettel,
Prieto, Prietto, Primante, Prior, Prioto, Privatt, Procupez, Puente, Puentes,
Puertas, Puga, Puig, Pujo, Pujol, Pulido, Pulis, Pull, Pulles, Pupo, Purcallas.
Quedo, Queralt, Queredo, Querra, Quesada,
Quevedo, Quezada, Quiel, Quijada, Quijano,
Quinaz, Quinde, Quino, Quintana, Quintanilla,
Quinter, Quintero, Quinto, Quiñones, Quiñónez,
Quirce, Quiroga, Quirós, Quiroz.
Raa, Raabe, Raba, Rabetta, Raga, Raigada,
Raigosa, Ramírez, Ramón, Ramos, Randel,
Randuro, Rangel, Raphael, Rauda, Raudes, Raudez,
Raventos, Raventós, Raygada, Rayo, Rayos, Real,
Reales, Reazco, Recinos, Recio, Redondo, Regaño,
Regidor, Regueira, Regueyra, Reich, Reina,
Renderos, Rendón, Reñazco, Repeto, Repetto, Requene, Requeno, Requeño,
Rescia, Resenterra, Restrepo, Retana, Reuben, Revelo, Revilla, Revollar,
Revollo, Rey, Reyes, Reyna, Riba, Ribas, Ribera, Ribero, Ricardo, Ricaurte,
Riera, Rileva, Rincón, Río, Ríos, Riotte, Rivalta, Rivardo, Rivas, Rivel,
Rivera, Rivero, Riverón, Riveros, Rizo, Roa, Roba, Robelo, Roble, Robles,
Robleto, Roboz, Roca, Rocabado, Rocca, Roch, Rocha, Roda, Rodas,
Rodesma, Rodesno, Rodezno, Rodó, Rodo, Rodrigo, Rodríguez, Roe, Roig,
Rois, Rojas, Rojo, Roldán, Romagosa, Román, Romano, Romero, Roque,
Rosa, Rosabal, Rosales, Rosas, Rouillón, Rovillón, Rovira, Roviralta, Roy,
Royo, Roys, Rozados, Rozo, Ruano, Rubí, Rubia, Rubín, Rubino, Rubio,
Rucavado, Rudín, Rueda, Rugama, Rugeles, Ruh, Ruilova, Ruin, Ruiz,
Romoroso, Russo.
Saavedra, Saba, Sabah, Saballo, Saballos,
Sabat, Sabate, Sabba, Sabín, Sabogal, Saborío,
Saboz, Sacasa, Sacida, Sada, Sadaña, Sáenz, Saer,
Saerron, Sáez, Safiano, Sage, Sagel, Sagot,
Sagreda, Saguero, Sala, Salablanca, Salamanca,
Salas, Salazar, Salbavarro, Salcedo, Salcino,
Saldaña, Saldivar, Salgada, Salgado, Salguera, Salguero, Saliba, Salinas,
Salmerón, Salmón, Salom, Salomón, Salumé, Salume, Salustro, Salvado,
Salvatierra, Salvo, Samaniego, Sambrana, Samper, Samudio, Samuel, San Gil,
San José, San Juan, San Martín, San Román, San Silvestre, Sanabria,
Sanahuja, Saname, Sanamucia, Sanarrusia, Sánchez, Sancho, Sandí, Sandigo,
Sandino, Sandoval, Sandria, Sandy, Sanga, Sangil, Sanjines, Sanjuan,
Sansebastián, Sansilvestre, Sanson, Sansores, Santa Ana, Santa Cruz, Santa
María, Santacruz, Santamaría, Santana, Santander, Santiago, Santibanes,
Santiesteban, Santillán, Santín, Santisteban, Santoanastacio, Santos,
Sanvicente, Sanz, Saraiva, Saravanja, Saravia, Sardinas, Sardiñas, Sariego,
Sarmiento, Sárraga, Sarratea, Sarraulte, Sarria, Sas, Sasso, Satjo, Sauceda,
Saucedo, Sauza, Savala, Savallos, Savedra, Savinón, Saxón, Sayaguez, Scriba,
Seas, Seballos, Secades, Secaida, Seco, Sedano, Sedo, Segares, Segovia,
Segreda, Segura, Sehezar, Selaya, Selles, Selva, Selvas, Semerawno,
Semeraro, Sepúlveda, Sequeira, Sermeño, Serra, Serracín, Serrano, Serrato,
Serraulte, Serru, Serrut, Servellón, Sevilla, Sevillano, Sibaja, Sierra, Sieza,
Sigüenza, Siguenza, Siles, Siliezar, Silva, Silvera, Silvia, Simana, Simón,
Sinchico, Sio, Sion, Siri, Sirias, Siverio, , Siz, Sobalvarro, Sobrado, Sojo, Sol,
Solana, Solano, Solar, Solares, Solarte, Soldevilla, Solé, Solemne, Soler,
Solera, Soley, Solís, Soliz, Solno, Solo, Solórzano, Soltero, Somarriba,
Somarribas, Somoza, Soria, Sorio, Soro, Sorto, Sosa, Sossa, Sosto, Sotela,
Sotelo, Sotillo, Soto, Sotomayor, Sotres, Souto, Soutullo, Sovalbarro, Soza,
Suárez, Suazao, Suazo, Subia, Subiros, Subirós, Subisos, Succar, Sueiras,
Suñer, Suñol, Surroca, Suyapa, Suzarte.
Tabah, Tabares, Tablada, Tabor, Tabora,
Taborda, Taco, Tagarita, Tagarró, Tal, Talavera,
Taleno, Tamara, Tamargo, Tamayo, Tames,
Tanchez, Tanco, Tapia, Tapias, Taracena,
Tardencilla, Tarjan, Tarrillo, Tasara, Tate, Tato,
Tavares, Tedesco, Teherán, Teijeiro, Teixido,
Tejada, Tejeda, Tejos, Tellería, Telles, Téllez, Tello, Tellos, Tencio, Tenorio,
Terán, Tercero, Terrade, Terrientes, Terrin, Terrín, Thames, Theran, Thiel,
Thiele, Thuel, Tíjeres, Tijerino, Tinoco, Toala, Tobal, Tobar, Tobe, Tobella,
Tobín, Tobón, Toledo, Toletino, Tomas, Tomás, Tomeu, Toribio, Torijano,
Tormo, Toro, Torralba, Torre, Torrealba, Torregresa, Torregroza, Torrente,
Torrentes, Torres, Tórrez, Tortós, Tortosa, Toruño, Tosso, Touma, Toval,
Tovar, Trala, Traña, Traures, Travierzo, Travieso, Trediño, Treguear, Trejos,
Treminio, Treviño, Triana, Trigo, Triguel, Triguero, Trigueros, Trilite,
Trimarco, Trimiño, Triquell, Tristán, Triunfo, Troche, Trocanis, Troncoso,
Troya, Troyo, Troz, Trueba, Truffat, Trujillo, Trullas, Trullás, Truque, Tula,
Turcio, Turcios.
Ubach, Ubao, Ubeda, Ubico, Ubilla, Ubisco,
Ubizco, Ucanan, Ucañan, Ugalde, Ugarte, Ujueta,
Ulacia, Ulate, Ulcigrai, Ulcigral, Ulecia, Uley,
Ulibarri, Ulloa, Umaña, Umanzor, Ungar, Urain,
Uralde, Urbano, Urbina, Urcuyo, Urdangarin, Urea,
Urela, Ureña, Urgellés, Uriarte, Uribe, Uriel,
Urieta, Uriza, Uroz, Urquiaga, Urra, Urraca, Urrea, Urroz, Urruela, Urrutia,
Urtecho, Urunuela, Urzola, Usaga, Useda, Uva, Uveda, Uzaga, Uzcategui.
Vadivia, Vado, Valdelomar, Valderama,
Valderrama, Valderramo, Valderramos, Valdés,
Valdescastillo, Valdez, Valdiva, Valdivia,
Valdivieso, Valencia, Valenciano, Valentín,
Valenzuela, Valera, Valerín, Valerio, Vales,
Valiente, Valladares, Vallarino, Vallcaneras,
Valldeperas, Valle, Vallecillo, Vallecillos, Vallejo, Vallejos, Valles, Vallez,
Valls, Vals, Valverde, Vanegas, Vaquerano, Vardesia, Varela, Varga, Vargas,
Vargo, Varsi, Varsot, Vartanian, Varth, Vasco, Vasconcelos, Vasílica,
Vásquez, Vassell, Vaz, Veas, Vedoba, Vedova, Vedoya, Vega, Vegas, Vela,
Velarde, Velasco, Velásquez, Velazco, Velázquez, Vélez, Veliz, Venegas,
Ventura, Vera, Verardo, Verastagui, Verdesia, Verdesoto, Vergara, Verguizas,
Vertiz, Verzola, Vesco, Viales, Viana, Viatela, Vicario, Vicente, Vico, Víctor,
Victores, Victoria, Vidaechea, Vidal, Vidales, Vidalón, Vidaorreta, Vidaurre,
Videche, Vieira, Vieto, Vigil, Vigot, Vila, Vilaboa, Vilallobos, Vilanova,
Vilaplana, Villar, Villareal, Villarebia, Villareiva, Villarreal, Villarroel, Villas,
Villaseñor, Villasuso,Villatoro, Villaverde, Villavicencio, Villeda, Villegas,
Villejas, Villena, Viloria, Vindas, Vindel, Vinueza, Viñas, Víquez, Viscaino,
Viso, Vivallo, Vivas, Vivero, Vives, Vívez, Vivies, Vivó, Vizcaíno, Vizcayno.
Wainberg, Wolf.
Xatruch, Xirinachs, Xiques.
Yaacobi, Yanarella, Yanayaco, Yanes,
Yepez, Yglesias, Yllanes, Yurica, Yzaguirre.
Zabala, Zabaleta, Zabate, Zablah, Zacarías,
Zacasa, Zalazar, Zaldivar, Zallas, Zambrana,
Zambrano, Zamora, Zamorano, Zamudio, Zamuria,
Zapata, Zaragoza, Zárate, Zarco, Zaror, Zarzosa,
Zavala, Zavaleta, Zayas, Zayat, Zecca, Zedan,
Zegarra, Zelada, Zelaya, Zeledón, Zepeda, Zetina,
Zonta, Zoratte, Zuleta, Zumba, Zumbado, Zúñiga, Zunzunegui.


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