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Friday, April 29, 2011

Ten Commandments of Successful Immigration

While browsing the internet to find the latest news about travel and immigration. I stumbled into this interesting article about the good Immigration Tips or should I say These are the Ten Commandments of Successful Immigration. Read it Guys!

  • Thou shall always make certain that you have all the facts at your disposal.
  • Thou shall always provide all information as requested.
  • Thou shall never lie on any of the forms provided.
  • Thou shall always follow through will all required steps.
  • Thou shall always be on time with any application or forms required.
  • Thou shall always be persistent in your attempts. Persistence brings success.
  • Thou shall always be respectful towards all immigration authorities.
  • Thou shall always keep copies of everything that is sent to immigration authorities.
  • Thou shall remember that if it sounds too good to be true, then it isn't.
  • Thou shall memorized these Commandments and obey them without fail!

Source: Immigrators.com

Friday, April 22, 2011

Top Ten UK Immigration Tips for a Higher Chance of Approval

Many of us considered settling in United Kingdom but don’t have enough knowledge about UK Immigration. I have discussed on my earlier post the tips for a successful US Immigration application. Now I’m discussing some tips for a successful UK Immigration and UK visa interview. Read the following tips so your application has a higher chance of approval.
There are certain visa interview tips which should be helpful to the UK Visa applicant:
  • The applicant needs to approach the visa consulate officer with confidence and positivity. If you are leaving a current job, mention the reason of leaving with positive intention and the opportunity that can enhance your career prospects.
  • Outline the valid reason for leaving the native country and your usefulness in UK. If you are from a technical background do mention that you would add tremendous value to the UK economy.
  • Give at least two references working presently in your organization. Give all the answers in a proper manner and to the point. Do not forget to describe the work profile in the companies with whom you have worked.
  • Try to answer all his questions without hesitation in the first attempt, which creates a positive impact in the mind of visa consulate officer. Try to reach before the scheduled time of interview and review all the answers for possible questions which will be asked by interviewer.
  • Approach the Visa consulate officer with a confident smile. Opt to wear formal dress at the time of interview which often impresses the interviewer, as he or she belongs to United Kingdom where formals are more appreciated in official meetings or interviews.
  • The most important attribute would be honesty in answering. If you try to deceive the officer you are more likely to get caught and that may end all your prospects of the UK Visa.
  • Try to show a strong financial capability. But do remember it needs to be truth and not fabricated.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Be Close to Nature at La Playa Leticia Resort

It's Summer lets forget about serious talks about immigration and travel. Let's talk how will you spend your days this Summer. Would you go hiking, trekking, swimming, riding on a boat , even a joy ride with friends or would you prefer to stay in a house.

For me I would prefer them all, because Last weekend I experienced all of it as I visit La Playa Leticia Resort at Alitagtag, Batangas, Philippines. From joy ride, and a long walk like trekking. And after that a boat ride is needed to reach the place. 

So you are asking where do I stay? Let me tell you first something about La Playa Leticia Resort. It is the lone and private resort located at the foothill of a Mountain and shores of Taal Lake. To go to the resort, you either trek from Barangay Alitagtag or a boat ride from Barangay Saimsim. Either way you will definitely enjoy the peaceful and safe mountain trek or the calm water boat ride to the resort. Once you arrive at the resort, you will immediately feel close with nature, filled with its lush vegetation and majestic view of taal lake and sloping mountains. The place is a perfect hideaway from the hustle of city life. During the day, there is plenty of recreation such as videoke, billiard, pool with slides and lake swim. At night, you can put a tent in its shore or lit a bonfire and build a sand castle. Or simply relax with the open skies, mountain and lake breeze and soothing sound of waves.

See some of my taken picture of La Playa Leticia Resort or if you wanted detailed Information you can visit their page at http://www.laplaya.leticia.batangas.resort.wowph.com/

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top Ten US Immigration Tips for Avoiding Trouble

Most of us really want to visit US, But sadt to say it is not that easy for your US Visa to be approved . Here's the thing, keep your status secure and your visa and green card applications moving along smoothly by following these immigration tips.

  1. Plan for delays. If you are in the United States and your work permit or status needs to be renewed, realize that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly called the INS) is extremely backed up. Cope by turning in your application far in advance. This is particularly important if your legal status has an expiration date on it. If you fall out of status, the immigration authorities could arrest you.
  1. Consider U.S. citizenship. If you have a green card, file for U.S. citizenship as soon as legally possible. This will not only protect you from removal (deportation), but will also help you get a more secure status for your close family members. Most people have to wait five years after their green card approval before applying, but a few people can apply sooner. 
  1. Avoid summary removal. When arriving in the U.S. from overseas, be ready to convince the border official that you deserve your entry visa. These officials have a lot of power, and they can send you back if they think you are a security risk or that you lied in order to get the visa. Tourists should be careful not to pack anything that looks like they're planning a permanent stay, such as a résumé or a wedding dress.
  1. Notify USCIS of address changes. If you're spending more than 30 days in the United States, you must notify USCIS of your changes of address, within ten days of moving. You and every member of your family must send separate notifications. You can do so either by mailing in Form AR-11 (available on the USCIS website) or, better yet, by using USCIS's online change of address service. Also, be sure to send written word of your new address to every USCIS office that's handling an application of yours -- otherwise, the office might not hear of the change.
  1. File multiple visa petitions. If you plan to get a green card through a family member, see if more than one member of your family is eligible to submit the visa petition for you. For example, a brother and a sister who are U.S. citizens could both file for you, as could a U.S. citizen spouse or parent. That way, if the waiting list in one category gets especially long or if one person dies, you'll have another option in the works already.

  1. Don't be late. Be extremely careful to arrive on time for any scheduled appointment with the USCIS, a U.S. embassy or consulate, or the U.S. immigration court. Arriving late -- or not at all -- can result in months of delays at best and removal from the United States (deportation) at worst.
  1. Avoid visa violations. Make sure you understand the fine print surrounding your visa, work permit, or green card, and follow the rules carefully. Violating even minor terms of your visa or green card -- for example, working while you're here as a tourist or helping to smuggle a family member over the border -- can result in your visa being canceled or you being deported. 
  1. Copy and track paperwork. USCIS is famous for losing paperwork. Send all applications and other material by certified mail, with a return receipt, and keep a copy. They're not only your proof of filing, but may become the main copies used by USCIS if the original file is never found.
  1. Do your research. Be careful who you accept advice from. Rumors and friends can't be relied on -- everyone's legal situation is different. Even USCIS employees sometimes give out wrong advice, for which you pay the consequences. Do your own research where possible and, if necessary, take your unanswered questions to an immigration attorney or accredited representative whose reputation you've checked out.
  1. Get help from above. If nothing else is working, contact your U.S. congressperson. They can usually make an inquiry for you, which often encourages the USCIS or consulate into taking appropriate action.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Major Changes in UK Immigration System

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) announced the major changes in the Points Based System (PBS), designed to reduce net migration, to build confidence in the Immigration System, to select the best and brightest to work/study in the United Kingdom (UK), and to bear down on the abuses of the system, according to a Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) press release.

The Philippine Embassy in London advised Filipino nationals in the UK, especially those who plan to apply for entry to the UK under a work or study route, of the recently announced changes effective April 2011. The Tier 1 (Highly-Skilled Migrants) General Category will be closed to new applications while transitional arrangements will be introduced for existing Tier 1 visa holders looking to extend their stay.

Exceptional Talent Visas will be introduced for people in science and the arts.

Prospective Entrepreneur Visas will likewise be introduced and settlement in the UK for investors will be accelerated.

For Tier 2 (Skilled Migrants) Category, there will be a limit of 20,700 places for Out-of-Country (out of the UK) applications, as the route will become more selective and target the best workers.
Tier 2 will be reserved for graduate occupations determined by the UKBA and the Migrant Advisory Committee (MAC)–the current list includes nurses, medical practitioners, information technology (IT) operations technicians, finance/investment analysts and engineers.

The full list is posted on UKBA website.

Sponsors (Employers) will have to apply for Certificates of Sponsorship (COS) with the UKBA.
COS for Intra-Company transfers, In-Country applications (those already in the UK), and those earning over £150,000 per annum will not be affected by the new limit.

In the Tier 4 (Students) Category, all sponsors must be accredited by the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (OFSTED) and its devolved equivalents.

All sponsors must also be a UKBA Highly Trusted Sponsor. University and publicly-funded further education colleges’ students will retain current work rights of 20 and 10 hours a week, respectively. All other students will have no right to work.

Only postgraduate and government-sponsored students on more than 12-month courses can bring dependents, and these dependants can work in the UK. Post-study work route will be closed except for those who have an offer of a skilled job under Tier 2. The current changes and limits will not apply to those who are already in the UK and who entered the country under a different set of guidelines.

Filipinos are advised to check detailed information on the guidelines and requirements for applying to work or study in the UK on the UKBA website. They are also advised to verify any job offers, particularly those secured online, with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) through the agency’s website or via email to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office-UK (POLO): polo.london@yahoo.co.uk or embassy@philemb.co.uk.

Source: Ang OFW Ngayon

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